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"Kronika ninja Jiraiyi ~Opowieść o odważnym Naruto~ Różnica w sile"
Kronika ninja Jiraiyi ~Opowieść o odważnym Naruto~ Różnica w sile
Opening Line
Ending Trouble Maker
Japoński Tytuł 自来也忍法帳 〜ナルト豪傑物語〜 力の差 (jiraiya ninpouchou ~naruto gouketsu monogatari~ chikara no so)
Angielski Tytuł The Difference in Power
Polski Tytuł Kronika ninja Jiraiyi ~Opowieść o odważnym Naruto~ Różnica w sile
Odcinek 443
Wątek Kronika ninja Jiraiyi ~Opowieść o odważnym Naruto~
Data Emisji 24.12.2015
Brak w tym odcinku.
Brak w tym odcinku.
Brak w tym odcinku.

"Kronika ninja Jiraiyi ~Opowieść o odważnym Naruto~ Różnica w sile" jest 443 odcinkiem anime Naruto Shippūden.


Sasuke's Konoha Military Police Force unit defeats a gang of thieves and beats them up. The unit takes them through Konoha, where the population is scared by their aggressive methods. Sasuke and the other Uchiha discuss their jobs and the relations with the village. Minato, Hiruzen, and Itachi discuss the group's escalating violence in their duties, agreeing they must tread carefully. Chōji, Ino, Sakura, and Shikamaru observe a now deserted street over the police's tight regulations, where there used to be many food carts. A recently arrived Naruto observes the same. The four update Naruto on how things have changed. The Uchiha harass an elderly shopkeeper, but Naruto intervenes. Sasuke senses something different with Naruto, but before their fight escalates, they're stopped by Danzō. Naruto and the others leave with the shopkeeper, and Danzō asks Sasuke for how long he'll hold himself down. Danzō is observed by Kakashi. Naruto and the others discuss curbing Sasuke's overreach, and are overheard by the other Uchiha, who inform Sasuke. The villagers gossip about the police's run-in with Naruto, and, unauthorized, they look to confront Naruto at his home, and also threatening to arrest Kushina. The Uchiha involved are arrested, Fugaku expresses his disappointment in Sasuke's development, and dismisses him from the police force. Wanting for power, Sasuke visits Danzō, who suggests Sasuke train with Orochimaru. Sasuke leaves the village.

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