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"Ktoś, na kogo warto stawiać"
Ktoś, na kogo warto stawiać
Opening Moshimo
Ending Mother
Japoński Tytuł 賭けるに値する者 (kakeru ni ataisuru mono)
Angielski Tytuł One Worth Betting On
Polski Tytuł Ktoś, na kogo warto stawiać
Odcinek 287
Wątek Czwarta Wojna Shinobi: Konfrontacja
Data Emisji 01.11.2012
Brak w tym odcinku.
Technika Szpiegowania Owadem

Technika Ukrywania w Cieniu
Uwolnienie Ognia: Technika Ukrywania w Ogniu

Brak w tym odcinku.

"Ktoś, na kogo warto stawiać" jest 297 odcinkiem anime Naruto Shippūden.


As Tsunade listens on to the events of what happened to A, Karai, and Nigai, who had stolen a scroll with ninjutsu from the Sugi Village, she realises the nature of the insect and that it was also inside of A. After explaining this and having A make a promise to her, Tsunade catches and destroys a bug which had been hovering near A for some time — unbeknownst to them that the Nokizaru Group had been using it as a method to spy on them. Preparing to operate, Tsunade has her pupil Shizune lead the surgery while she oversaw it. Though A initially protested, believing that Tsunade should perform the surgery, the Sannin allays her fears somewhat. As Shizune, aided by Amai begins the surgery, blood is splattered on Tsunade. Still haemophobic, a terrified Tsunade excuses herself from the room. Seeking an explanation, Shizune tells the two of Tsunade's two great loves and loss which led up to her current state. Hearing this the Raikage states that he would not have placed the lives of his subordinates in the hands of someone in that mental state, an indignant Shizune speaks out against his chastisement of her master, throwing the extracted exploding bug at his feet. Meanwhile in present time, Naruto and B continue to the battlefield while A and Tsunade continue the journey back to headquarters.

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