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"Wybuch wojny"
Wybuch wojny
Opening Assault Rock
Ending Cascade
Japoński Tytuł 開戦! (Kaisen!)
Angielski Tytuł War Begins!
Polski Tytuł Wybuch wojny
Odcinek 262
Wątek Czwarta Wojna Shinobi: Konfrontacja
Manga Rozdział 517, Rozdział 518
Data Emisji 10.05.2012
Daimyō Mrozu

Daimyō Gorących Źródeł

Doton: Chidōkaku

Mushi Jamingu no Jutsu
Kumo-Ryū Mikazukigiri
Kumo-Ryū Uragiri

Brak w tym odcinku.

"Wybuch wojny" jest 262 odcinkiem anime Naruto Shippūden.


The remaining members of the Infiltration and Reconnaissance Party are pursued by Akatsuki's Surprise Attack and Diversion Platoon, but are hampered by Muta Aburame's Insect Jamming Technique. Separated from his team-mates, Muta instructs his kikaichū to carry the intel they had on Akatsuki to the Allied Shinobi Forces headquarters. The Surprise Attack Division arrives in enemy airspace with Omoi feeling great apprehension about the war. The other members are assigned their duties and no sooner than they're all prepared does Zaji — the group's sensor — notify the team that his sensory abilities are being disrupted. After seeing an injured Muta, Zaji rushes to help him. It is revealed that Muta was being controlled by Sasori. As Deidara detonates the explosive clay they had stuffed into Muta's insect jar, through the quick actions of Kankurō, Zaji is saved from the explosion while Ittan saves the team with his Earth Release: Moving Earth Core technique. With barely any time to relent, the team is set upon again by two shinobi who turn out to be their comrades once again. After fending them off, Sai arrives in time to deflect a secondary attack by Shin — whom Sai is shocked to see. Omoi becomes enraged that Akatsuki would use such underhanded tactics as to have them fight their family and comrades and launches another attack on Deidara freeing Tokuma and Ranka. Using this opportunity Ittan raises the earth as Kankurō drags Sasori down using the severed chakra threads, sending Deidara and Sasori crashing into one another. As they regenerate, Kankurō summons his Sasori puppet and the divisions prepare for an all-out battle.

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